For the management, school begins much before it begins and ends well after its over!
From the time the first bus leaves the premises for pickup in the morning till the time the last bus clocks in a day, the transport team is on tenterhooks. Fielding anxious calls from parents to remote managing a bus break-down, to establishing the location of multiple buses simultaneously - all at the same time! don't you wish for a crystal ball at times? Good news... your wish just got answered!

Enter TrackETA

Great Features. Many Benefits. An Application designed especially for you.
Cloud Based Infrastructure

Software as a service, pay as you grow, no servers to be procured, zero maintenance, auto-upgradation
360 degree operations administration

Student register, Staff register, vehicle register, live monitoring, attendance & leave management
Control Room Setup

the most effective way to manage your bus operations efficiently. elaborate backend setup and configuration
Messaging System

school transport mamangers can message drivers / attendants / vehicle owners / parents by SMS, Notification and email.
Dedicated Attendant Smartphone Device

GPS smartphone device carried by the bus attendant / conductor. No need for Vehicle certification by Testing agency.
Staff ID Details

Staff Identity & Photo Identity available for anytime check on the attendant smartphone device.
Unique Device

device ID automatically configured with user name & password to prevent impersonification
Cost Effective

the cheapest and most effective way to manage your bus operations efficiently
Real Time Tracking

school transport mamangers can monitor location of all buses simultaneously on a single control screen without making a single phone call
Auto Rostering for Drivers, Vehicles & Attendants

Full 360 degree mapping of attendant, vehicle and driver availability and allocations based upon current attendance, leave applied and leave granted status.
Staff Performance Monitoring

Staff performance monitoring based upon multiple parameters from available data.
Full Security

Full movement trace available for bus journeys using continuous GPS tracking. Tracks archived for future analysis and performance mapping. SOS alert enabled from device in emergency.
For the parents, Why should a thing of daily routine become such a source of daily nuisance
If you have anything at all to do with a school bus, even remotely, this is a question you have asked yourself before.

Enter TrackETA

TrackETA promises to put your daily hassles to rest - at least the school bus types!
A wonderful application, it keeps schools and parents in touch with the running location of school bus on a real - time basis, apart from a host of other smart features. So for the schools - no more annoying calls about the running status of the bus.
As for the parents - go ahead finish that coffee!
Real Time Information

about arrival time, delays, cancellation, breakdowns or changes in departure will be sent to parents on their mobiles
Efficient Time Management

no unexpected delays, no sudden early shows. get the latest bus status on parents' mobile phone and on your screen
Customised Notification Alerts

to parents on pre-decided bus locations. so more waiting at the stop in heat, cold and rain. Anytime access to 7 day Notification history
On Board Attendance

student attendance taken on board as soon as they board the bus on the conductor's smart phone manually...more sophisticated RFID ID Card based solutions also available
Staff ID Details

Staff Identity & Photo Identity available for anytime check on your smartphone.
Zero Anxiety Tool

Full movement trace available from entry into bus to arrival at school in the morning and vice versa. School Gate entry & Exit trace also available, if school agrees to introduce.
Platinum @ 1500 Students Gold @ 1000 Students Silver @ 500 Students
TrackETA Software
Mobile Phones
Data Plan for Buses
Phone Mounting in the bus
Command Center Setup
Command Center Equipment
Student ID Cards (RFID)
RFID Readers at Entry Gate
RFID Readers in Busses
Internet for RFID Reader
Internet for RFID Reader bus
12 hour Call Center Setup
Call Centere Training
Live Bus Tracking by Parents
Live Bus Tracking by School
Bus Arrival SMS
Student Entered School SMS
Bus Departure SMS
Student Deboarding SMS
Emergency SOS Button

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